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ชุด SET 750W AC Servo Motor with 3m Cable

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ชุด Set โซเวอร์ มอเตอร์  750W AC Servo Motor with 3m Cable


150x50px visa accept



750W AC Servo Motor with 3m Cable Set

DS100S-750 Driver
Driver Model:  DS100S-75 AC Servo Driver  สามารถเลือกใช้กับตัว Controller 5VDC  หรือ  24VDC
Out Put Power:  0.75 – 1Kw
Encoder:  2500ppr
Input Voltage: 220VAC
Control Mode: Position mode, speed control, torque control, speed and position control, position and torque control, speed and torque control
Protection: Over speed,under voltage,over current,over load,encoder error,over position etc.
control Input: Servo on/alarm clearance/CCW prohibition/CW prohibition/deviation counter clearing/command pulse suppression/CCW torque limit etc.
Dynamic Braking: Built-in/Built-out


750W 80ST-M02430 AC Servo Motor
80ST-750W AC Servo Motor 3000RPM-2500Line Encoder.
Model: 80ST-M02430I2-MA
Rate Power: 750W.
Rate Torque: 2.39 N.m
Max Toeque: 7.1 N.m
Rate Speed: 3000 rpm.
Rate Current: 3A.
Inertia: 0.182
Encoder Line Number: 2500ppr
Safety Class: IP65
Net Weight: 2.9Kg

3M  x   PS100-03-G-N-4PA   Power Cable
3M  x  ES100-03-G-N-15PA  Endcoder Cable