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สายพาน Open XL-10mm. Pitch 5.08mm.

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สายพาน Open XL-10mm. Pitch 5.08mm


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สายพาน Open XL-15mm. Pitch 5.08mm

Product Name: Timing Belt
Model: XL
Type: open
Pitch: 5.08mm
Belt Width: 10mm
Material: PU with steel core polyurethane
Color: White

Product Detail:
1meters Trapezoid XL timing belt XL-10mm belt width 15mm Pitch 5.08mm XL open Synchronous belt PU with steel core polyurethane
Type: XL-10mm
Pitch :5.08MM
Belt Height:2.3mm
Tooth Height:1.27mm
Material: Polyurethane with steel core
Shape: Open-ended Timing belts
Color: White
Quantity : 1 meters/pack

Package Content
1 x Timing Belt 1m.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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