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ปืนดูดตะกั่ว ระบบ 2 ปั้ม รุ่น S-998P, 100W

ปืนดูดตะกั่ว ระบบ 2 ปั้ม รุ่น S-998P, 100W


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220V 100W S-998P Electric Vacuum Double-Pump Solder Sucker Desoldering Gun Soldering Iron
Item specifics
Model: S-998P
Voltage: AC 220V
Vacuum: Vibrating membrane
Power consumption: 100W
Power:? 10W
Heating Parts: 90W ceramic heating core
Temperature: 350°c ~ 450 °c
Temperature Accuracy: ± 2 °c
Arrival time of maximum pressure: 0.2 seconds
Insulation resistance:? 100M?
Work: Continuous
Circuit control system: Zero-interference, the new temperature controller
Nozzle Specifications: §1.0mm, §1.5mm, § 2.0mm(1.0mm included only)
Dimensions: other
Weight: 1.0kg
Product Description
This gun is very easy for you to desoldering and remove the solder. This
device is 2 in 1 unit, including soldering iron and desoldering vacuum pump.
* Fast heat up function, heated up to 350 *C for one minute
* a stable
working temperature and the instantaneous temperature function, suitable for
continuous use
* Storage Tin glass tube with heat easily disassembled for
easy cleaning
* Enhanced double-pump,
suction larger, more easily than tin
* Transparent back cover, air pump
working at a glance
* Design horizontal motor
* pump easy to clean, easy
to maintain
* High insulation, anti-static
Packing list:
1X Iron stand
2X cleaner needle
2X filter
1X Desoldering gun
1 x1.0 mm Nozzle

Additional information

Weight 61 kg


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