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คัปปลิ้ง ขนาดรู 8 X 12 D25L30

คัปปลิ้ง ขนาดรู 8 X 12 D25L30


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คัปปลิ้ง ขนาดรู  8 x 12 D25L30

Brand new and high quality.
Shaft coupler Often used to connect servo motor, stepper motor, encoder, screw driving, machine platform, etc.
Shaft:  8mm X 12mm.
Length:   30mm.
Diameter:    25mm.
rated torque:    1.2 N.m
maximum torque:    2.4 N.m
Material:     Aluminium.
Package Included:
1 pcs x Motor Shaft Coupler Coupling

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Weight 10 kg


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