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XHC LHB04B Mach3 Wired MPG

XHC LHB04B Mach3 Wired MPG Pendant Handwheel CNC Controller


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LHB04B-4 4 axes support 4 axes with x,y,z, a

XHC LHB04B Mach3 Wired MPG Pendant Handwheel CNC Controller
For 4 Axis Engraving Machine Suitable for MACH3 System

Model Number: LHB04B-4
Material: Plastic
Style: Other
is_customized: YES
Model Number: LHB04B
Material: PLASTIC

Features :
– work for Mach3
– support 4 axis. the 4th axis- A axis, no A=0 function ( A axis functions are not as much as the other 3 axis)
– All the buttons can be programmable
– About the hand wheel, you move slow, the machine runs slow; also you move fast, the machine runs fast.
– Rich real-time display of large screen LCD:
– display machine status,run,pause,idle,step value
– display X y Z axis workplace coordinate and x y z axis machine coordinate
– show the feed rate,spindle speed

Band switch for easy operation:
– switching X-axis coordinate regulation
– switching y-axis coordinate regulation
– switching z-axis coordinate regulation
– switch hand wheel guide
– feed adjustment switch
– speed control switch

General Characteristics
MPG Encoder: 100PPR
USB cable: 5m
Function Key: 18 Keys
LCD: 128*68 Dot LCD with background
Material: ABS、PC、aluminium

LHB04B-4 Wireless MPG:    1piece
Package box size:    265*123*75mm
Weight :   0.75KG

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 10 cm