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ดอกEND Mill 2เกลียว ขนาด3.175*2.5*12มม.

ดอก END Mill 2เกลียว ขนาด3.175*2.5*12มม.


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ดอก End Mill แบบ 2 เกลียว ขนาด3.175*2.5*12mm. 2LX3.2.5.12
Item specifics
Diameter:                     3.175
Model:                          2F3.2.5.12
Type:                            End Mill
Material:                     Carbide
Overall Length:          38L
Model Number:        GJ
Coating:                     Other
Quality:                      Excellent
Place of Origin:        China (Mainland)
Product Description
3.175*2.5*12mm 2 Flutes End Mill Cutters, Cutting Tool Bits, Carving Tools, Milling Cutters, CNC Router Bits for Engraver
material: whole solid tungsten carbide
suitable machine: CNC machine and traditional router machine
the spiral router bit is perfect for cutting mortises. The double flute design helps keep the mortise clear of chips and shavings while you cut.
Size:3.175shank*12cutting length*d2.5

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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