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750W. ECONOMICAL AC Servo Motor

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750W. ECONOMICAL AC Servo Motor


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750W. ECONOMICAL AC Servo Motor

Servo Drive Specification
Model: P100S-75
Power:    0.75KW~1KW
Main Circuit:    1 phase AC220V-15%~10% 50/60Hz
Control Mode:    0:Position. 1:Speed. 2:Torque. 3:Position and speed. 4:Position and
torque. 5:   Speed and torque
Protection Function:     Over speed, Over voltage, Under voltage,Overload, Abnormal of main
power, Abnormal encoder, Out of position error etc.
Monitor Function:     Speed, Current position, Command pulse accumulation,Position
deviation, Motor torque, Motor current, Running state etc.
Control Input:     1:Servo on   2:Alarm clearance    3:CCW drive inhibition  4:CW drive
inhibition   5:Deviation counter clearance   6:Command pulse inhibition
7:CCW torque limit   8:CW torque limit
Control Output:    Servo ready/Servo alarm/Positioning completion/Mechanical braking
Regeneration Braking: Built-in/ Built-out
Display:    5 LED digital display and 4 keys
Communication:    RS485
Position Control Mode
Input Mode:    0:pulse+direction, 1:CCW/CW pulse, 2:A/B phase orthogonal pulse,3:Internal position control
Electronic gear ratio:    1-32767/1-32767

1 Set  x  750W. ECONOMICAL AC Servo Motor