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3040 CNC Router Metal VFD 0.8KW

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3040 CNC Router Metal VFD 0.8KW
3Axis/4Axis LPT and USB port PCB Wood Engraving Milling Machine VFD 0.8KW


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3040 CNC Router Metal VFD 0.8KW
3-4 Axis USB PCB Wood Engraving Milling Machine VFD 0.8KW

Model and Technical Parameters:
MODEL:                              CNC 3040-0.8kw
Axis:                                  3axis / 4axis
Interface:                             LPT and USB 2 IN 1
Toolauto-checking:                Yes
Type of screw:                      1605 Ball screw
Machine Dimensions:              660X570X450mm
Rack material:                        6061 and 6063 Hard aluminum alloy (The unique and dedicated mold extrusion profiles, Let counterfeiters dwarfs.)
Engraving area:                      400X300mm
Z-Axis Stroke:                        60mm / 120mm optional, Engraving depth depends on the length of the tool edge
Acceptable material thickness:   ≤60&≤120 mm
Rail type:                               Chromeplate shaft+Linear Bearings, Surface hardening 61HRC
Spindle motor:                        800W/1500W/2200W VFD water cooling spindle optional
Collet type:                            ER11/ER16,1/8″(3.175mm) Collet
Stepper motor and drive:         two-phase hybrid stepping motor3A/PHASE,150N.cm, 8 segments drive.
Maximum operating speed:      4000mm/min (Engraving speed :300-3000mm/min)
Repeat positioning Accuracy:    ≤0.03mm
Software Compatability:            Mach3/Emc2/Kcam, (Type3,Wentai, ArtCAM,coppercam)
Command code:                     G code/.nc/.ncc/.tab/.txt

Rotation Axis (4th Axis)
Chuck Size:                           50mm self-centering chuck
Center height:                       H = 51mm
Clamping diameter:                50mm or less
Deceleration mode:                synchronous wheel / belt
Deceleration ratio:                 4:1
Stepper motor:                     NEW 57 type / 3A
Stepper Drive:                      T65-axis drive
Positioning accuracy:              0.075 °
Weight:                               4kg

1 SET  x  3040 CNC Router Metal VFD 0.8KW
Weight:  49Kg
Size:  40cm x 60cm x 30cm

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Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 40 cm
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