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สวิชท์ ON-OFF Push Button LED 12V รู16mm.

สวิชท์ ON-OFF Push Button LED 12V รู16mm.


150x50px visa accept




สวิชท์ ON-OFF Push Button LED 24V 16mm

100% Brand new and durable
High quality, high-grade appearance, and nice touch feeling.
Easy to install, screw clamp type terminals to make fitting very easy.
LED built on its own circuit, lighted when on. or could be wired to make it lighted alternate.
Latching type, push it– on, Push it again–Off
Switch Rating: 3A/250VAC
LED voltage: 24V only
Contact Configuration:1NO 1NC
Flat Head BUTTON
Button Diameter:10mm
Head Diameter: 18mm
Hole size required:16mm
Depth in contacts: 36mm
LED Color: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Package included:
1 x 16mm 24V Push Power Button

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

LED สีน้ำเงิน, LED สีเขียว, LED สีแดง


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